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We Owe/You Owe Form
We Owe/You Owe Form

We Owe/You Owe Form | 872

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Avoid confusion by making promises in writing!
Part Number: 872
Feature: 100 per pack

We Owe/You Owe Form | 872

Avoid costly misunderstandings and confusion with this “WE OWE/YOU OWE” written record of all promises. Vehicle deliveries may be made with customers confidence that additional equipment or services promised may be done at their convenience. The “WE OWE/YOU OWE” form has been used by leading dealers for many years and has proven to be priceless in closing the sale. Part 1 of the form goes to the customer, Part 2 goes to the deal jacket and Part 3 goes to the service department so they can know in advance the service required or requisition the needed equipment or parts. Paper sequence, white, canary, pink. Printed in blue with big bold “WE OWE & YOU OWE” in red letters. Size is 8-1/2" x 11-1/2". Packaged 100 per pack.

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