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Statements - Laser - LZR-STMT-BF
Statements - Laser - LZR-STMT-BF

Statements - Laser | LZR-STAT | 8048

Your Price: $15.05
This economical Laser Statement is designed to be compatible with most computerized systems.
Part Number: PAP-LZR-STAT_LZR-STAT_8048
Feature: 250 per pack

Statement - Laser | PAP-LZR-STAT | LZR-STAT | 8048

This laser Statement is formatted to be compatible with many of today’s computerized statement systems. A horizontal perforation allows separating the top 3-1/2” as a return payment stub. Printed on 20 lb. white laser compatible paper. If your current statement looks like this illustration, our form will align to your software perfectly. Prints in Red, Blue, Green and Gray Back. Size is 8-1/2”W x 11”. Packaged 250 per pack.

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