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Payroll Change Notice
Payroll Change Notice

Payroll Change Notice

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Part Number: PAP-EMP-5
Feature: 100 per pack
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Payroll Change Notice | PAP-EMP-5

Communicate clearly with the payroll department concerning all payroll changes!
This form works for all departments and for all types of changes.
This form is made on clean 2 part carbonless NCR paper so the originator may keep a copy of all payroll changes authorized.
Quick check items for the most often reasons for payroll changes and complete explanation area if a special circumstance occurs.
Avoid confusion concerning when an employee last received a raise, who authorized the raise, and how much of an increase the employee received.
Proper documentation is necessary and may prevent an employee discrimination claim.
Keep proper records of all payroll changes.
Size is 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
Packaged 100/pack

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